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Holiday Project
Holiday Project!
Formal Assessment for 2 days to see how all the students are doing so far..
No "Homework" exist(s)

Previous Homework

Due October 19, 2010
Due October 26, 2010
Alexander G. Bell
Due November 2, 2010
US map
Due January 14, 2011
Classifier Story
Due April 25, 2011
ASL 1A: Practice#1
Due August 18, 2011
ASL 1A: Presentation#1
Due September 2, 2011
ASL 1A: Assignment#6 - Syllabus
Due September 6, 2011
ASL1A: Assignment#7 - Journal#2
Due September 8, 2011
ASL1A: Assignment#11 - Journal #3
Due September 14, 2011
ASL1A: Assignment#12 - Journal#4
Due September 15, 2011
ASL1A: Assignment#13 - Journal #5
Due September 16, 2011
ASL 3A: Assignment#18 - #1-15
Due September 26, 2011
Assnt#7 - RB page 111 EX:BB
Due March 19, 2012
 2012 Reading/PP
Lectures for assignments
 Agenda 2012 for ASL 1 (1st and 6th periods)
Notes, lecture, homework/classwork assignment, events, quiz/test, and etc.
 Agenda Fall 2014
Weekly Agenda
Sample class file. You can delete by enabling admin mode from the top of the page.
 2012 sample of powerpoint.ppt
sample of powerpoint
 2014 FINAL EXAM for ASL 1.doc
Final Expressive Project : News
ASL Gloss Powerpoint
 A Frozen Reunion1.docx
Holiday Project Script
 Address presentation.jpg
Address presentation
 ASL Gloss Quiz.pptx
ASL gloss quiz
 Holiday Project 2013.doc
Holiday Show 2013 Requirement
 Holiday Project 2014.doc
Holiday Project 2014
 March 16-20th.jpg
March 16h - 20
Master ASL - things to know
 Personal Project - 2014 Spring.doc
Personal Life Project 2014
 Personal Project - 2015.doc
Personal Life Project Due date
 sample of rubrics 1.jpeg
Part one of rubrics
 sample of rubrics.jpeg
part two of rubrics
 Sample of script and summary.pptx
Holiday Project Sample of students' work for script and summary
 sample of translation 1.jpeg
sample of E and A for Personal Life Project
 sample of translation2.jpeg
sample of E and A for Personal Life Project
 sample of translation3.jpeg
sample of E and A for Personal Life Project
 Walking into Winterland part 1.MOV
Walking WinterLand part 1
 Walking into Winterland part 2.MOV
Walking Winterland part 2
Walking Winterland translation
 William Hoy Questions.doc
William "Dummy" Hoy questions

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